Our Vitality Spa & Organic Juice Bar

Owners Steve Geoffrion & Greg Lew first heard of Vibrosaun through Dr. Brian Clement, CEO of The Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in Palm Beach Florida.

HHI is the’ premier Natural Wellness Spa in the WORLD having hundreds of thousands of visitors to their facility seeking alternative health treatment in over 55 years.

In 1998 HHI conducted an intensive Vibrosaun Medical Study with 366 participants to determine if it provided the amazing benefits as advertised. Through dark field microscopic analysis, the medical staff at HHI were able to see that Vibrosaun treatments actually “woke up” cells.

After just a single, 15 minute treatment this analysis showed Blood cells that were lethargic and coagulating before Vibrosaun treatments, were now independently flowing and glowing making them more active and functional.

This study showed such remarkable results, that Vibrosaun is now part of the HHI Life Change Program and is made available to all of their guests.

This information from Dr Clement had peaked the interest of Steve and Greg so they decided to further investigate this technology, as it would be a great treatment to incorporate into their new Vitality Spa & Organic Juice Bar.

After contacting Vibrsoaun Corporate Headquarters in Australia, speaking with CEO Michael Hardy regarding his personal experiences with the Vibrosaun and reading the unbelievable testimonials…. they were convinced and ordered their first machine.

Although Vibrosaun Clinics have developed a tremendous reputation in the medical community in 30 Countries for over 25 years, the popularity of this technology is primarily in Australia and the European part of the world.

This new Norwalk location is the first of its kind here in the United States and there are plans to expand Vibrosaun throughout the East Coast.

This new “Vitality Spa” will be located on the 2nd Floor at 430 Main Ave in Norwalk.  Kure Spa, Kure Organic Juice Bar and Kure Yoga are slated to open in October and will offer the following services;

    • Vibrosuan Therapeutic Sessions


    • Yoga & Fitness


    • Massage Therapy


    • Organic Juice & Smoothie Bar


    • Seminars, Classes, Guest Speakers on all things Health & Wellness


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