Your Vibrosaun Experience

Our motto “Relax Your Way to Health & Fitness” really does embody the vibrosaun experience!

Although your vibrosaun session is a healing medical treatment, the relaxing method in which it is delivered is very much like a blissful visit to your local spa.

“A vibrosaun treatment is an all-encompassing therapeutic restorative experience for both mind & body!”

Vibrosaun_girl- face - cropped - blur (2)When you walk into our treatment room, you will instantly feel like you are in a modern day-spa; earth tone colors, candle lighting, bamboo accents and the warm glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamp will quickly put you in a peaceful state.

If you are a new client, at the beginning of your first treatment our staff member will explain the features and controls of the vibrosaun so you are familiar with the machine and understand how it works.

For every treatment, we always set the initial settings for time; heat temperature and vibration speed. We then leave the room so you can prepare for your session.

All you have to do is get undressed and lay down on the towel that has been prepared for you on the vibrosaun. Your treatment is enjoyed in your own private room so most clients do not wear any clothing; however, you may wear undergarment or light workout attire if desired.

Once you are ready just pull the lightweight lid down over your body and the machine will start automatically. While your body enjoys the therapeutic heat and vibration within the machine, your head and face comfortably rest outside of the machine.

After just a few minutes; the relaxing music through the headrest speakers, the fans gentle breeze on your face, the soothing scent of aromatherapy (optional), the sauna heat and beds rhythmic vibrations will quickly put you in a deep state of rest.

During your session you will have control of everything. If at any time you need to stop your session, just lift the lid and the machine will stop automatically.

While you are inside the unit and the lid is down, you will be looking at the external control screen. The settings for music volume, fan speed, heat temperature and vibration speed are all controlled by you with knobs that you can adjust by feel.

For your first few sessions, our staff member will check in with you after about five minutes to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

“During your vibrosaun treatment you will enjoy a deep feeling of relaxation like you have never experienced before”.

Vibrosaun-RoomYou will know when your session is over as the music and machine will stop automatically. We provide enough time for a relaxing 5 – 10 minutes cool down, so please lie comfortably and enjoy your quiet blissful state until you are ready to exit the machine.

After your session, towels, deodorants and powders will be available in your private room so you can freshen up. We will also have plenty of cold, fresh lemon water to quench your thirst after your session for rehydration.